Dermagist (Dermajuv) Review: The Dermagist (Dermajuv) Pros & Cons You Might Not Know

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Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System

Dermagist (Dermajuv) has gained a lot of popularity recently after winning the BEST WRINKLE CREAM OF 2008/2009 – Editor’s Choice Award. The Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System is not just a wrinkle cream but comprises three age-defying and wrinkle reduction products, namely the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, Dynamic Age-Defying Serum and Instant Effect Lifting Serum. If you have been following this website, I have actually written a factual review about the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System a few months ago. In that post I have outlined the breakthrough ingredients and features found in the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete System. Click here if you want to learn more about how Dermagist (Dermajuv) can help you.

My Personal Experience with Dermajuv

Honestly speaking I was completely amazed by the ingredients! What you might not know is that I have actually ordered the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System in order to try it out personally. After about 3 months of testing, today I’m very excited to share my “Dermagist (Dermajuv) experience” with you.

I ordered my Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System online via the Dermagist (Dermajuv)’s official website. The order process was pretty easy and I was given a USPS tracking number for the package after ordering it. Well, the delivery took about 4 days as promised. I was very happy when my Dermagist (Dermajuv) package finally arrived on June 15. Inside the package, there was an instruction set in addition to the three above-mentioned products. In my opinion, the instruction set is really a very helpful guide that shows me exactly how to apply the products. Many other wrinkle cream manufacturers wouldn’t even bother to provide you with such an instruction sheet.

Does Dermagist (Dermajuv) Work for Me?

After going through and understanding the steps described in the instruction set, I started using the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream which was by the way the first product requested by the instruction sheet. The complete system is designed in such a way that you have to first use the cream for a few days so that the skin is moisturized and ready for the remaining “age-defying serum” and “instant lifting serum”. On the very first day I applied the smoothing cream, my skin actually felt a bit dry. But after a few days, the smoothing effect really came through. My skin is noticeably smoother. I did notice that the wrinkles on my face have reduced drastically.

As if the Dermagist (Dermajuv) smoothing cream wasn’t enough, I applied the “age-defying serum” and “instant lifting serum” on my skin after about a week later. This was when the results of the whole system really kicked in. I could see a difference in the tone of my skin, as far as skin discolorations are concerned. The ugly spots and redness on my skin were reduced by more than 50%. I mean they were hardly visible. Those unwanted wrinkles, at least the fine ones, around the eye areas have disappeared by about 70%. As if a switch got flipped, my skin started to appear remarkably better after about 30 days. I was completely floored and thrilled by the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System!

I know many users get results really quick with this system as it’s called, but it took my skin a little longer to rejuvenate. Out of the three products, the instant lifting serum has been the fastest results-yielding product. I have noticed results on the very first day of applying it. Literally, within the next two weeks the spots and redness were reduced by about 70%.

Dermagist (Dermajuv)’s Pros and Cons

I have summarized the pros and cons of the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System for your reference below.


  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines dramatically as promised (check out some real user photos here)
  • Improve the overall healthiness and appearance of my skin visibly
  • Permanent effects, not just temporary results as produced by some other wrinkle creams
  • Incredibly fast results (especially the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Instant Lifting Serum)
  • Works at the DNA level to stimulate collagen production and really rejuvenates the skin (supported by clinical studies)
  • Money-back-guarantee plus top-notched customer services


  • Applying three products takes a little time (twice a day). But it’s definitely worth your time.
  • SPF is not available in the products. However the other ingredients are more than powerful enough to compensate for this shortcoming.

Bottom Line

Overall I am very satisfied with the almost perfect Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System. It is truly a complete system that rejuvenates and revitalizes my skin. This is by no means an exaggeration. This product gets my highest rating and recommendation because it does produce results as promised. I honestly believe that you too will benefit from this amazing product from Dermagist (Dermajuv). In my opinion, Dermagist (Dermajuv) is the real deal and the best anti aging wrinkle cream/system currently available on the market. Not to mention the highly reasonable price. I paid about $120 for it after getting a 45% discount.

Click here now to visit the Dermagist (Dermajuv)’s official website.

Finally, I hope that you have enjoyed my review and my experience has been useful for you.I welcome you to leave your comment or share your experience with the Dermagist (Dermajuv) Complete Rejuvenation System. Thanks!

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